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It's Time to Invest in Yourself!

Are you stressed, overwhelmed, flat, unmotivated, and burnt out?
Do you want to reduce stress, increase energy, combat burnout, and
gain mental clarity, resulting in a happier more exciting and fulfilled life?
We can help you!

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Welcome to AKITU

AKITU was created to provide you with solutions to reducing the negative impacts of life’s daily challenges. You have found a place which can help and support you to find balance, peace, purpose and mental clarity in your life. AKITU provides multiple and diverse solutions ranging from self-care products, up to live training events to reset your mindset. All our products and service have been created and developed by our founding psychotherapist Heidi Underwood. Every piece has been carefully thought out and put together based on gold standard, scientifically supported strategies.

There are multiple offerings available to you, so please feel free to explore our beautiful website, and learn more about AKITU and what we can do for you.

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AKITU Academy

AKITU Academy combines our masters level training in cognitive behavioural therapy with our coaching, counselling, and psychotherapy skills to create a wealth of information which will guide and support you throughout your journey.
AKITU Academy presents to you a multitude of different training programs, workshops, webinars, workbooks, live and online events to help you on your way to living a more empowered, fulfilled and enlightened life.
We put the focus on strategies for improving everyday tasks and experiences which are applicable to almost all of you. We work with you to develop ways of improving your life to get it to where YOU want it to be.
We understand that everyone is different, and you all have different situations and goals, so we always provide plenty of opportunities for you to develop an understanding of what exactly YOU want YOUR life to look like.
Take a look through our AKITU Academy site and explore the different options available to you.
Change nothing, nothing changes…

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AKITU Wellbeing

AKITU Wellbeing brings to you a carefully created range of products to inspire, support and nourish you on your wellbeing journey.
Whether you want to be more relaxed, calm, uplifted, energised or inspired, you will find products here to nourish you.
We have individual bundles, and gift packs so you can send self-care love to your loved ones too.
Why not take the journey together?
Explore our beautiful AKITU Wellbeing online store and see what stands out as something just for you….

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Why should you try us?

Accessible Services

With everything available to you at the click of a button, getting what you want has never been simpler. The range of products and services not only suits most budgets but the large variety means there is something for everyone.

We actually care!

Everything AKITU offers has been created passionately and carefully by our team because we genuinely care about you and your mental wellness journey. We want you to be living your best life!

Be a part of our growing community

We bring people together from all walks of life to create a supportive, caring space for all. This is why we created AKITU Community. Join today for free and become part of our family!

Evidence Based & Qualified

AKITU products and services are based on the masters level education, training and knowledge of our team, to create scientifically based content to produce everything you see here. No guesswork, just gold standard, evidence-based material.

AKITU has multiple offerings to support you

Best Place for Inspiration

AKITU Online Community

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