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We understand that you are living in a chaotic world, where it can get stressful, overwhelming and exhausting.

It seems that things are running so fast all around you, and no matter how hard you try it just seems impossible to keep up.

Everyone else seems to have it all together and find it easy to achieve so many different things, yet you have days where its a miracle to even get showered or eat some lunch!

Maybe you’re achieving a lot, but you’re spread too thinly between all of your commitments and you are starting to feel like you might topple over soon if things don’t settle down?

Whatever your going through, it’s important to understand that you are NOT alone, and this is actually an extremely common scenario these days.

We know that there are stigmas out there. Stigmas that say if you are not happy everyday, then you must be mentally ill. The stigma is you’re either well, or unwell. This is wrong.

Humans are influenced by their environments all the time. We are adaptable creatures, but our environments influence our health and our wellbeing each and every day.

In such a busy, judgemental and dog eat dog world, it is no wonder that you are struggling sometimes – you are reacting to your environment. You are NOT unwell, you are NOT crazy, you are NOT lazy and you CAN change this.

AKITU can help you.

AKITU was created to bring you quick and easy solutions to improve your mental health.

AKITU Mental Health and Wellbeing Solutions started as a vision and a dream for founder and Psychotherapist, Heidi Underwood.

Heidi wanted to be able to provide effective, genuinely supportive, affordable solutions for people wanting to improve their current state of mental health. With her skills and expertise in cognitive behavioural therapy, she and her team work tirelessly to continually develop products and experiences to support and encourage everyday people to live their best life, whatever that may be.

Using skills, techniques and life experiences they have learned, Heidi and her team have a genuine vision and purpose of spreading inspiration, motivation, and empowerment. We are all about reducing anxiety & depression, mental growth, self development and transformation into becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Have a look through the website to see our online store for products you can use in your own home, mental health and self development programs that can be done in your own time, in the privacy of your own home, and throughout the year we also offer live events either online or in person which teach you different skills to successfully master your mental wellbeing.

Congratulations on looking for something more than what you experienced so far.

This is the beginning of your new journey.


How did we develop the name AKITU? 


Our logo of a dragonfly, with the name AKITU was designed based on the ancient Japanese word for “dragonfly”.

The dragonfly is a power animal, and it carries an important symbolism associated with change and transformation. It symbolises encouragement, authenticity, transformation and growth.

The dragonfly empowers one to express their true feelings, stand in their authentic self and speak their own personal truth.

Overall, the dragonfly represents “transformation to become who we really are”.


The AKITU team all share these values and believe in the importance of people identifying and discovering who they really are, and what brings them contentment and fulfilment in life.

Authenticity will allow you to live your life according to your own personal values and beliefs, which will bring with it a sense of freedom and contentment.


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