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AKITU Wellbeing brings the focus of self-care and lifestyle wellbeing together, resulting in products that promote a healthier, well-rounded lifestyle for you. You will find that our products are developed using natural materials and aromatherapy as the basis of our ranges.

We always put a focus onto the 5 senses of touch, sound, sight, taste and smell to elicit specific responses from your mind and body, giving you the desired effect, such as calming or uplifting.

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BREATHE range…

This range focusses on calm and relaxation,
to promote rest and balance.
let the stress and the tension melt away as you
nourish your mind and body with this beautiful
range of products.

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INSPIRE range…

This range targets a more uplifting and energising
Experience. Promoting mental clarity,
re-energising, focus and strength, this range is the
perfect “pick me up”. Find that extra little kickstart
you need to brighten up your day.

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Explore our entire range

AKITU Wellbeing brings to you an entire range of self-care products, which will indulge your senses and release a sense of refreshing wellbeing. Check out the online store now and see what we have just for you!

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