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Head Start – an introduction to your wellness journey


The perfect introduction to feeling better, happier and more energetic NOW without putting in hours of work or overhauling your life.


I know that you are wanting more in your life – that’s why you’re reading this now.
You want to feel happier, more energised, more motivated and less stressed, right?
You need to know that you deserve to feel better, you are worth it, and you are important too.

I know that you don’t have much spare time to read a lot of tricky content, big words, and lengthy videos or tasks. I get it!

You’re already stretched on energy and time, so why would you want to add more to your day, right?
This is exactly why I created Head Start.
The perfect introduction to feeling better, happier, and more energetic NOW, without putting in hours of work or totally overhauling everything in your life.
You already have enough to think about, so where will you be able to fit in a course?
This is exactly why I created this course – it has simple and achievable tasks sent by email and text ‘nudges’ everyday to keep you on track.
I know you are busy, and I know you might find the idea of a ‘course’ quite daunting – fair enough. This is why I have offered it at such a low price, because I want you to give it a go, risk free, and feel the benefits of it right away – because I know it works!
Small, consistent changes NOW creates progress.
Change nothing, nothing changes.
What are you waiting for? Get the life NOW that you so desperately wish you had – one achievable step at a time.


What you get:

Head Start Course

For 14 days you will receive an email message with daily task reminders to keep you on track, ensuring the best results you can have.

Access to our community 

You will receive access to our online Facebook group AKITU Community. We provide daily tips on mental health and wellness, as well as exclusive offers.

Downloadable Workbook

Space for notes and journaling along the way so that you can document how you went with each task, and the benefit that you feel from doing each task.

Exclusive Member Benefits

You will receive lifetime exclusive discounts and incredible offers on all of our products, courses and live events.